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2020 Virtual Summit

Empower Track

Proactively assess your cyber security stance

The sessions in this track can help you evaluate your organization’s ability to effectively prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats before they disrupt business and become headline breaches.

Evolve Track

Innovate and evolve your cyber security posture

The sessions in this track can help you further develop and mature your organization’s security posture through improved processes and technologies that uplevel threat detection, containment and remediation capabilities.

Defend Track

Defend mission-critical public sector infrastructure

The sessions in this track address the challenges facing educational institutions and all levels of government, and review solutions to help maintain a resilient cyber security environment.

2019 Virtual Summit

Executive Track

Executives and Board Members including CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, General Counsel and other C-level personnel

Sessions in the Executive Track offer insights into how you can actively protect your most valuable assets, understand likely attackers, and develop critical security guidance and strategic plans.

Practitioner Track

Security Researchers, Analysts, Frontline Responders, Team Managers and other personnel in the trenches

Sessions in the Practitioner Track offer in-depth information on the latest security research, case studies that model best practices, and proven tactics to better protect, defend, respond, predict and minimize the impact of attacks.

2018 Virtual Summit

Cyber Resilience Summit

Learn more about how our technology and expertise work together to drive an innovation cycle no other security company can match.

2017 Virtual Summit

Breach Resilience

Technology. Intelligence. Expertise. Learn how to address the entire security operations lifecycle — every critical issue before, during and after an attack.

FireEye Mandiant Virtual Summit